Thursday, 20 January 2011

All Arise!

The screenprint setup worked a treat! Few tips for d.i.ying it I learnt, for my blog bros-

-making your own frame is a ton cheaper- you can buy offcuts of voile in fabric shops for pence and frames from charity shops. All under a pound for a screen

-just coat one side of the screen, it's enough for the other side too- it goes a long way

-print the acetate on a photocopier, the ink from a home printer never dries

-screening in the sun casts weird shadows everywhere, I exposed with a regular strip light inside, about 10" away for 40 mins

s'all. I printed on a tote, a shirt, some sketchbooks and tried to be truly rad and screen my skateboard, but it was too much, I got carried away. More to come!


  1. This is so awesome Rob! I made my own setup a while back using a frame from a canvas and I made a jig out of a few bits of mdf and some hinges, I still haven't managed to get round to printing anything yet, but this really makes me want to whip out all my gear and get cracking....Maybe thats what I'll do with my afternoon haha :)

  2. Thanks Ben! Did you get it set up? I might do some comics next. Once you get the screen set up you hardly use any ink and you can do loads