Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Milk River

Hello blog friends. Southbank arts fair was a lot of fun. Met lots of great people.

I made this mixtape over the weekend. Music is a massive inspiration for me. I usually have songs in mind when I'm making a picture. This sounds like what a lot of my own work is about. I kind of imagine it as something pastoral and English, but then there is something dark and foreign creeping in, like a musical Heart of Darkness.

Download Here

Track list
Sligo River Blues- John Fahey
Above The Flood- Library Tapes
Voice From The Mountain- Nick Drake
Night Way- Robbie Basho
Ain't Got No Honey Baby Now- Elizabeth Cotton
Bye- Elliott Smith
Moonlight On Verlaine- Atlas Sound
Engine- Neutral Milk Hotel
Stephanie- Buckingham/ Nicks
The Cascades- Fleet Foxes
Lullaby/ Festival/ Mirie It Is/ Sumer Is A-Cumen In- Wicker Man Soundtrack
The Shrew- Beirut
Lazslo Lassu- A Hawk And A Hacksaw
Last Hurrah- Holy Sons