Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Blow up

Hello internet friends. This image is being blown up huge, 2/3metres or so, and stuck on a big window of a closed down shop in Plymouth. It was a really great commission from Plymouth City Council, art directed by Tom Barwick.

I want to show people the image, but I'm not sure when it's going up in situ, so I'm posting it now. The excitement about showing people is more to do with the blown up version in the street. I'm into the image, but here on the web it's another image in a succession of images. In the street it's going to be really new for a lot of people. I used to live in Plymouth and know the area well.

I know any interest in my work online is almost exclusively from other image makers, which is a really beautiful thing, but the work must exist in real life for people. So I've been fully into the project and it's got me thinking about exhibiting more, and in interesting ways.

Listened to all sorts whilst making this- new Beirut, Doors 'Waiting For The Sun', John Fahey 'Of Rivers and Religion', Tallest Man on Earth 'Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird'. Haven't read a book in weeks. Looked at a lot of Persian art during this too.

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