Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Museum piece

1. Palmistry Chart, printed card from fairground
2. Woods and Cosmos Badge, Clare Owen
3. Face Badge, Jack Teagle
4. Zine (dashboard moon), 2007
5. Assorted Tea Cards, Brooke Bond Tea
6. Heavy Boots Card, printed card
7. Deer, plastic toy
8. Palm Tree, acrylic on wood
9. Old Shed in Woods Postcard
10. Mr & Mrs Hodgson, photograph of great grandfather, print engineer
11. Nachtzug, art print
12. Earthenware Screenprint, print on paper bag
13. Pinecone
14. Stamp
15. Ceramic Pot
16. Zine (nature), 2011
17. Milk, framed monoprint
18. Panther, plastic toy
19. Post, packet from Becca Stadtlander
20. Ganess Print, print of photo of matchbox on newsprint
21. Rousseau Postcard
22. Graveyard, art print
23. Zine (untitled), unpublished 2010
24. Leaf
25, 26. Sketchbooks

After seeing this great show at the Arnolfini (where artists have made museum exhibitions in the gallery), I thought I’d have a go at appropriating some things I have kicking around. This is a collection of odds of things I have. It’s not really comprehensive, but I wanted to put it together quickly. It’s just a funny thing for the internet, and I hope everyone gets it and doesn’t think I need a museum for myself. It’s also kind of a joke because I’m so pedantic about keeping and ordering things.

 -Also put this on my website which is a little easier to read

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