Thursday, 27 October 2011


This is the site in Plymouth where my Three Sisters image has been blown up to fill the window space of a closed down shop. So excited to see it up! I lived in Plymouth for a few years and knowing this is there means a lot to me! The space is used by buskers, hence the musical theme, and the brief asked for something to brighten up the area. Hopefully I'll get to check it out soon.

Some things about it that interest me
- Different light and weather conditions. I'd love to see it at night
- What are people going to add to it? Big willies drawn all over it?
- The man looking in the photo below
- The scale of the figures and the people in the photographs intereacting
- People doing things in front of it- patchwork of narratives
- It's not my image any more
- Architecture in general- woah
- What does it mean?! Seriously what are these people thinking?
- Mind blown

The image next to mine is from the mighty Jack Teagle, who also took these photos. Other talented people involved were Ben Aslett, Sam Rennocks, Joe Lyward, Josh Neal and Jake Rowlinson.The project was from Peninsula Arts and art directed by the psych-folk loving Tom Barwick.

If you're in Plymouth go and check it out!


  1. Really great work Rob, the red is so vibrant.

  2. It looks totally mint. Will have to check it out soon. I like the fact the man with the grey hair is looking reet at it! xx

  3. Thanks all! Hope I can get down to see it soon