Friday, 25 November 2011


Here is a cushion I screened the other day. I'm having a go at repeat pattern- this is the same Common Symbols screen I made a couple months back. Always interested in artefacts and objects.

Also got some new prints in the shop if you want to check them out.

And here is a quote I love I found in a French folk art book I got out of the library here in Bristol.

'What are the limits of folk art? How far does the field extend? How diverse are the works and what do they have in common? By general agreement among experts, furniture, costumes, and pictures are certainly to be included. But why not include musical instruments, church furnishings, and shop displays, not to mention musical compositions themselves, religious ceremonies, or other professional paraphernalia? May not a ballad or a round, a Corpus Christi procession or a funeral, a blacksmith’s shop or a tile factory also be folk art works?'