Monday, 30 January 2012


botanical garden sketches

I went (am) visiting my folk's house and it's pretty near these botanical gardens. I tried to go to the one in Bristol the other week but it was closed. I love them architecturally, both in structure and as a weird space to be in. Really surreal old fashioned places. I did a lot of paintings there and for a while was sat next to a man in crocodile shoes. It feels really good to be painting again, but they lose some of their charm on the computer screen, so here are just a couple.


  1. woah, woah, woah, woah!
    This has just sparked something in my brain I almost forgot.

    I used to have a kids book that was painted in a slightly naive style, similar to Martin Leman's stuff set in a jungle or a zoo or something, but I remember it had domes in the background much like the supports you've painted!
    They have a blown up page of one of the pages with a tiger on it at Newquay zoo. I think I'm going mad, but do you know anything about it Rob? I think it prominently featured a toucan too.

  2. Doesn't ring any bells! A zoo at night sounds vaguely familiar but I've got nothing. Love to see it though, you might have to take a trip to Newquay zoo to check it out!