Saturday, 14 January 2012

milk city

Men at Bristol Temple Meads

Took the train to Plymouth for a couple days. I used to live there for uni and I have a lot of happy memories. Hung out with some old buds and saw some of the old things I used to like looking at. There's a lot of fishermen and manly goings on in Plymouth, surrounded by woods and water and Dartmoor, kind of like Twin Peaks-on-sea. Also it's home to my favourite shop, Goulds, an army surplus shop, which is where I'd buy all my clothes if I could. 

Plymouth museum is amazing. I love how things are displayed there. The city has a pretty rich history of explorers and adventure, and a lot of old guys who collected (and still do) lots of interesting things. It's not just the museum, there are a lot of junk shops and memorabelia shops. Everything from past eras piled on top of each other and arranged in weird narratives. I love how there are these patchworks of textures and type, colours and forms, symbols, objects, costumes- just weird juxtapositions. So much military/magic/pop culture/curioso stuff. I love it.


Also got to see the window mural I did in real life. I love it. Not blowing my own primitive trumpet, I just mean the context of it, and the scale- regardless of what I drew. Definitly going to be thinking hard about all the questions it's thrown up. I'm super into the public aspect of it, how different it is to a print or a painting. There's a crassness in how loud it is to have a picture that big in a public space, somewhere where people who would never give my art a second look are confronted very physically with a thing. Obviously a lot of this stuff is old hat and graffiti has answered a lot of these questions already, but it's different when it's your art. Mind blower.

 The waterfront has all these weird concrete steps embedded in the rock. You have to climb over railings and it's pretty higgledy piggledy, but it's where you go in the summer and sit with a beer and your bros. 

 And when you do you sit and look at this- Woah.
Rode the train home, thought about moving back, got excited about the Hockney show in London next month.
p.s. is this a real blog post? Am I a blogger now?


  1. You artwork looks great in a large format, you should be proud :) Also, is that a new header? I love that too!

  2. Hello!

    I really love your work and was wondering if you would like to do an art swap?

    I understand if you don't want to or if you're busy :p Thankyou for reading this!


  3. love this rob ! just been in oxford, think you'd really like it for the 'curioso' thing