Saturday, 25 February 2012

paper bag makers

Here are some buildings from my neighbourhood here in Bristol. I live south of the river where there are a lot of old factory buildings, and I'm really into them. I wanted to show where I live right now because I'm moving next month and doing some travelling.

I've been getting into architecture a lot lately in a really broad sense after the mural I did in Plymouth. I've been reading this book, the Architecture of Happiness, which is kind of similar to Ways of Seeing, but with more fluffy writing. Here's a quote I like from it where De Botton's talking about a painting-

Behind wanting to own the painting and hang it where we could regularly study it might be the hope that through continued exposure to it, its qualities would come to assume a greater hold on us. Passing it on the stairs last thing at night or in the morning on our way to work would have the effect of a magnet which could pull to the surface submerged filaments of our characters.

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